“Your workshop was very informative and inspiring – I enjoyed it and you very much.”

“I appreciate your commitment to teaching, guiding, encouraging other souls along this path.  You Rock!  Keep up the good work.  I know that everyone in that room left with something valuable that you gave them, including me.”

Rebecca R., Colorado


“Seeing my future self again the way you guided me to the future visioning it was like I saw myself again and that was something I wanted my entire life, the same feelings of joy and success and love and just everything that was around me being so beautiful and positive. When I did that first future visioning with you I was able to reconnect with that and just that’s what it was for me: coming back into those feelings again and really feeling them and seeing myself there. So I know that yes what I’m doing is continuing on that path to being that future person.”

Renee M., Massachusetts


“As a ‘resistance whisperer’ you are good at that. But maybe this is what coaching is – to hold the space of allowing so clients feel what allowing is like. . . I’ve become much more aware of what the feeling place is which I didn’t have previous to our coaching engagement in this way.”

Valerie K., Arizona


You brought to my attention that I needed to be happy with myself how and get out of my own way and to allow things to happen in my life because we found out through the coaching that I was resisting quite a bit and that was my struggle. You helped me get to a point of just relaxing and clearing my mind and being happy with where I am right now and I’m appreciative of what I’ve accomplished this far and eager of what’s to come.”

Jamie B., Oklahoma


“George is a unique individual who is distinctive and set apart… a true “designer’s original!” He has created a niche for himself in this field. My attraction to his style of coaching was centered around multiple factors: his compassion, kindness, thoughtfulness, passion, generosity, heart-felt transparency, willingness, spirituality and ultimately his heart. George is a professed Christian who is not afraid to embrace his spirituality . . . George has assisted and equipped me with the tools to create/design my new life. I have now learned everything you want to build must be purchased with money of faith, and everything must begin as a mental structure before it can ever become a physical structure. “

April W., Texas


“While George and I were just conversing about the experience (future visioning), something happened and it happened as fast as a flash of lightning, my–self popped out of me and handed me a baby and then popped right back in. I immediately stopped the conversation I was having with George and I told him what had just happened. I told him about the emotional feeling that came with that gift of the baby was happy and my physical feeling was warm so he asked that I sit on that feeling for a little while and then we discussed it.

“I’m not pregnant. But now I’m open to it. It’s like my-self purified that negative thought process of having a family by giving me that white light… feeling the white light..  sitting on the white light… allowing myself to be content there . . .”

Tara F., New Jersey  (who is several months pregnant now)


“I never understood why affirmations worked, but for most that I was doing I wasn’t believing I could have that happen. There was a lot of resistance in my body.  I would say “I’m going to be rich” and underneath I heard, “no you’re not!”  One tool you gave me that I loved was “wouldn’t it be nice if.”  And I started to create wouldn’t it be nice if I took my daughter to Costa Rica and wouldn’t it be nice if it was sunny right as we got off the plane, and wouldn’t it be nice if we could ride horses, and wouldn’t it be nice if… and there was so much freedom in that story because my mind wasn’t trying to figure out how to do it, I could just see and feel myself there and I can now as I’m even saying it.”

Tonja W. , Minnesota (after her trip to Costa Rica)


“That mediation you walked me through last time with the higher self – that IS and was the most amazing tool yet and I call on that DAILY – it hasn’t failed me and I so wish I had that/been aware of that earlier this lifetime.”

Stephana, Texas


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