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Appreciation and the Law of Attraction

Posted by on Mar 9, 2015

palm tree sunrise square with signatureThis weekend during the Appreciation Workshop I was leading, I shared that we create the environment around us by what we send out. If we send out love, we receive more love. If we send out kindness, we receive more kindness. If we send out gratitude and appreciation, we see/receive more to be thankful for. This is the The Law Of Attraction at work. And, it is just like Facebook. Facebook shows us more of what we “like” and less of what we ignore. If you want to see less of the “noise” out there, don’t comment on those posts. You will stop seeing them in your newsfeed after a while.  If you want to see more uplifting posts; comment, like, and share posts that are uplifting and encouraging.  Then watch what happens to your newsfeed.  Remember, the Law of Attraction is always working.  It is up to you to decide WHAT you want to attract.  What you give attention to, you get more of.

Allow Your Success Now,

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