Let All That You Do Be Done With Love

Posted by on Jun 10, 2016

Done with love - no textWhat if we stopped reacting to every little distraction that others throw at us?

What if we tended to our own garden?  What if we made a plan for our day, week, year, life and step-by-step walked in the direction of our goals or plans?

What if we took those steps empowered by love instead of fear, anger, retaliation, obligation, worry, doubt, or hatred? Do you think we would reduce our stress and inter-personal conflicts? Live your life. But live it empowered by love. Then the distractions of everything around you won’t rile you up and get you frazzled.

Try it for the next 30 minutes!  Just 30 minutes.  No fear.  No worries.  No anger.  Just motivated by love.  With a sense of well-being.  With the belief that it is more important to walk in love than to worry about the results.  Just 30 minutes.  Then another 30 minutes.  I can do that, right?  So can you!  Let’s get started right now!  After all, maybe the Beatles had it right!  “All we need is love.” But I think a book a little older than the Beatles may have said it first . . .

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