Deep Waters

Posted by on May 15, 2015

Isaiah 43:2

I am with you

“When you go through deep waters, I will be with you.”  Isaiah

How do God, deep waters, and the Law of Attraction all fit together?

When I face challenges I have two choices.  I can hope that a negative outcome doesn’t happen or I can picture a good/successful outcome.  Whatever I picture is usually what will happen.

Our minds go to work to accomplish whatever we are picturing.  If I tell you not to think about pink monkeys eating the fabric of the seats in your car, you automatically picture pink monkeys noshing on your car seats!  We think in pictures.  It is not possible to think in “not” pictures.  They don’t exist.

The Law of Attraction responds to what we are thinking.  It responds even faster to what we are thinking with emotion.  If I am thinking of not failing or playing not to lose, I am almost assuring myself of failure or losing.   Thoughts of failure are fear based.  Some have said that the intensity of the fear of loss is about 5 times the intensity of the anticipation of gain.  So now the thought of failure is combined with the emotion of fear.  This is the recipe for disaster.

Instead, picture winning or succeeding at whatever you set my mind on.  While the emotion may not be as strong, anticipation and hope are higher emotions than fear.  The higher emotions tend to be enabling or expanding.  What I mean is when we are experiencing the higher emotions of love, joy, peace, anticipation, or hope, we are connecting with other people, circumstances, and events that are bringing those same emotions (or even higher).  So if I expect to succeed at something I am more likely to achieve that success.  And so are YOU!  This is why you see athletes mentally rehearse their routines or events prior to actually doing them.  They are feeling every movement, seeing every action, and experiencing the performance even before they actually perform it live.

So where does God fit in?  When I picture God being with me as I go through deep waters, I see myself making it through the waters just fine.  That gives me expectation and hope that all will be well.  In fact, I believe that things will be even better than I could have imagined.

Keep reaching for “the things that are above.”  All is well.

Allow Your Success Now,